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An enrichment school driven by our passion and love for dogs

Lifelong Enrichment for Companion Animals (LECA) Academy was established to enrich and stimulate the physical, emotional, mental, social, and instinctive needs of family dogs.

"We recognized that dogs are task oriented, that is they want a job to do, objective oriented, they want to complete their tasks, and are social, they want to be around others. We started there and built something our own dogs love."

Where It Started


Established in 2017 to fill the gap between what their dogs need and what they could realistically provide given the modern work-family lifestyle.


We partnered with leading dog training researchers, zoo trainers, and master trainers to develop a daily curriculum based on social cognitive learning theory.


Our goal is simple: help dogs thrive every single day they are with us.

LECA in the Press

Local Favorite - August 2022

LECA has been recognized as a local favorite by Nextdoor and Woodland Park Business Association.


Montclair Magazine - November 2018

Montclair Magazine calls LECA the KUMON for Dogs and lists us at the top of their Buzzworthy list for Montclair.


Read the full magazine here >>

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