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Scruffy dog laying down on blue carpet with an orange tennis ball

Sign up for a FREE private consultation to get started.

 The goals of the initial meeting are:

  • Give you practical and actionable advice to improve life at home

  • Meet your dog and ensure our program is appropriate

  • Provide you information about our academy

Please allocate 30 - 45 minutes.

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Free Consultation and Facility Tour

Why choose LECA?

  • Private training

Prices range from $95 to $225 per hour - A typical dog trainer will spend 65 - 75 percent of their time on the owners, not actual dog training. We spend over 20 hours with your dog and more time with you.

  • Board-And-Train

Typical costs of $2,000+ per week - Maybe be a great option for a dog that has severe behavioral issues, but for most other dogs this training does not stick. We train the dog along with you to ensure the best results.

  • Dog walkers

Charge $25 - $45 per walk - If you're lucky, you find someone that has actual dog handling experience. Otherwise your dog is lucky if they get a proper walk. We give each dog mutliple walks, play, and training sessions every visit. 

  • Dog daycare

Facilities charge up-to $65 per day - Don't get us started. Read our white paper.

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