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About Us

Our team of professional trainers and groomers are passionate about building positive relationships with dogs and helping families develop solid engagement and training at home.​


Our mission is to help dogs thrive. We have built our team, facility, curriculum, training materials, and our membership with this mission as our core.


Our team of professional trainers and groomers all share the same passion and positivity your dog needs to thrive. Our team has over 100 years of experience in professional dog training.


Our facility has everything your dog needs to thrive. At over 13,000 square feet, an outdoor space, agility center, 3 indoor playrooms, and 5 training stations. No two visits are the same.


Our Training Philosophy

We want our dogs to realize their potential. We don't train dogs to pass a test or a trial. They never fail and we do not punish. We seek to establish a strong and positive relationship between human and dog. Any aggressive responses or punishments significantly impede our objectives and mission.


Positive and reinforcement based training has shown to be extremely more effective than methods that are centered on corrections. Punishments or intimidation can create unnecessary stress and anxiety and cause physical damage to the dog.

Is LECA a fit for your dog?

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We are proud to be recognized for our work.

LECA has been named a local favorite by Nextdoor and the Woodland Park Business Association, as well as recognized as the "Kumon for Dogs" by Montclair Magazine.

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