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Learn & Play

Our Learn & Play Club is centered around your family, your dog, and wherever you are in your training journey. ​


Whether you're a first time pet parent, looking for help to manage a behavioral challenge, seeking help for your dog develop confidence and good manners, or just looking to challenge your dog through advanced obedience and sports, our professional staff will help you achieve your goals. ​


We offer 3, 4, and 5 day/week memberships to accommodate your dog's needs and your schedule.

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Is LECA a fit for your dog?

Take a short (less than 1 min) quiz to find out.

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Why dogs need LECA


Every time you drop off your dog at our facility, their time is split between socialization, training, individual and pack walks, game time, and enrichment. Your dog comes home happy, mentally and physically tired, more confident and social, and better trained after every visit.

Common Challenges






Impulse Control


Stress, Fear or Anxiety

Why owners need LECA


The dogs aren't the only ones that can use a little help. We don't just train your dog, we partner with owners to support the dogs' training journey at home. Dogs thrive with consistency and repetition and this can be challenging to juggle along with everything else. So allow our professional training team to take on most of the work. Once a dog has learned and generalized behaviors and skills with our team, we teach you the skills to bring the training home.

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Try Learn & Play this
summer for
ONLY $150

Includes assessment and first FIVE sessions!

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