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Frequently Asked Questions

about our membership-based programs

Can I cancel?
Anytime. We understand that life happens. You will receive a prorated adjustment.

What does the membership include?
Our Bachelor, Masters, and Doctorate programs include office hours, unlimited group classes, specialty clinics and events, a personalized photo album, open agility, access to our member-only community, and subscription to our training newsletter. To see a list of upcoming events, please visit the customer portal:


What’s the Self-Paced tier?
This level of membership gives you the flexibility to bring the dog as little as one ( 1 ) time per month, and continue to receive our training tips, attend clinics and events, and other benefits. This tier does not include our Group Classes and can not be paused (you can still stop your membership any time, for example if you’re away for more than a month). Self Paced membership requires automatic recurring payments (auto-pay) and saved payment information for payments at the end of each additional session.


What’s the difference between Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate Tiers?
Each tier represents the number of monthly allotted enrichment sessions. For Bachelors, it’s 13 sessions, for Masters, 18, and unlimited for Doctorate. Roughly, this is equivalent to 3 times per week for Bachelors members, 4 times for Masters members, and daily for Doctorate members. As months vary in length please keep track of remaining sessions in your package. You can access your account on our Customer Portal,


What happens if you go on vacation?
If you plan to be away for five ( 5 ) or more business days, please let us know and we can pause your subscription. The membership will resume after the pause period and we will extend the end-date of your membership month. For example, if your membership was due to expire on October 31st but you go away for a week, your membership will be extended to expire on November 7th. Periods of less than 5 business days are not eligible for pauses.


Can I start, stop, or change plans mid-month?
Absolutely. We don’t intend to hold you or your money hostage. If you cancel or change your subscription level mid-month, we will make an appropriate adjustment.


Will my missed sessions carry over?
You can use any missed sessions within the same membership month. Unused sessions will not be carried over to a different membership month. All reservations are subject to availability.


What is Open Agility?
Use our agility center to practice using our obstacles, including jumps, tunnels, tires, weave poles, dog walk, teeter and more. There is no instruction during open agility.


What is After School?
We know your schedule can be a lot to manage. Our facility is open from 7:30AM until 7:30PM. That means your pup can stay as long as you need to conquer your day. During the extended time with us, the dog will be offered an opportunity to rest and continue to have regular walks and play sessions. Any stays in the facility over 5 hours will be automatically counted as After-School.  After-school must be added to an enrichment session and can not be used as a standalone visit to our facility.


How does the Sibling Discount work?
We offer a 5% sibling discount for multi-pet families. The discount is applied to each sibling, including the first dog to enroll.


How does the Pay-By-Quarter discount work?
Ready to commit? Get a 5% discount when you pay for 3 months.


Which membership is right for my dog?
Ask us. Every family and dog is different. We find the package that works best for you.

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