Give the gift of LECA

Give the gift of LECA Academy this holiday season! 

Looking for a unique and useful gift for a discerning dog owner?   This holiday season gift the LECA intro bundle to someone you know for only $50.

The Gift:

The 5 session Introduction to Enrichment Bundle.


$50. That's a $100 savings!


Don't worry, we won't tell them about the discount and you can take your place as a gift giving hero and animal advocate these holidays.


  • Can only be gifted by current clients to non-members.

  • Only one gift per recipient.

  • You will not be charged until they have successfully completed an assessment, to ensure that our program is appropriate for their dog.

  • Assessment must be scheduled by January 31st, 2021.

Ready to gift?

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Enter the name, email and phone number of the gift recipient. 

Enter the date your gift recipient will be notified of your generosity and wonderful-ness.

On this date, we will send them electronic notification of their present and set up a time for the initial assessment.