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Groom & Style

Our Groom & Style Club was created to keep your dog healthy, groomed, and styled.

Our professional groomers partner with our training team to help the dogs settle into the process and be comfortable and confident with the facility and the equipment. Our process is designed around the dog, not the transaction. We have fewer injuries and never stresses out the dog.

As a member of our Groom & Style Club, you don't have to worry about selecting from a menu of services and add-ons. We handle it all. Styling, Bathing, Blow-Drying, De-Shedding, Nails, Teeth and Ear Cleaning, and more. Whatever your dog needs to look and feel good, we take care of it. 

We even include a maintenance / up-keep session each month to make sure your dog is ready for those special moments.

Limited Time Introductory Offer

1st Month - OVER 25% OFF

Why Dogs Need LECA

Trimming the Fur

Focused on safety and health. Did you know that injuries caused by groomers are the leading cause of veterinary expenses for most dog owners? Our grooming team focuses on the overall wellness of your pet. To ensure each dog is settled into our process and confident and comfortable with our facility, equipment, and team, we schedule up to 5 sessions during the onboarding month to complete the first grooming/styling. 

Less stress. Fewer injuries. Our groomers partner with our trainers to ensure a stress-free experience. We teach your dog to relax during the grooming process through proper training and desensitization. The first month is dedicated to introducing your dog to our equipment, our staff, and our facility.

Having a Bath

Each journey starts with a personal tour and an individual assessment.

Why Owners Need LECA

A clean and professional grooming facility with a dog grooming table and bathtubs

Trainers first, Groomers second. Our mission is to help dogs thrive. Of course we want your dog to be clean, healthy, and well groomed. But not through the use of aversive techniques or causing unnecessary stress and anxiety, simply to get the transaction done. As a member, you can bring your dog back for as many appointments as necessary for us to get the job done right.

Every service, every time. We do not offer individual services, upsells, or add-ons. Your dog deserves to get all the services they need to be healthy, well groomed, and styled. We even include a maintenance session every month to help with the upkeep (and the smell).

View our full list of Groom & Style services

A black and white Pomeranian smiling after being groomed
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