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Daycare Reimagined.
A Learn-and-Play Program For Family Dogs in Northern NJ.
Training. Socialization. Enrichment. Fun.

We are an academy for dogs. Our enrichment-based curriculum combines enrichment and skill learning, training, and socialization. Our mission is to help dogs thrive.

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Why Families Choose LECA 

Each Dog is Unique

We work with dogs in all stages of development and maturity. We adapt to each dog's needs.

Positive + Practical

It's simple: positive training generalizes better. Our positive and practical approach is designed with the dog and the family in mind.

Always Learning

We provide a learning path for both dogs and their owners. Our training objectives and goals are constantly updated as the dog changes, improves, and matures.

Professional Care

Our certified trainers and professional handlers work 1-on-1 with each dog to develop confidence, establish good habits, and have fun.

My 7.5 month Yorkie Terrier, loves coming here every week. He has become more confident and social with other dogs. We both recommend LECA ;)
I can't say enough about LECA...they are awesome! The entire staff is professional and treat the dogs like their own. The trainers work with the dogs and their owners. My dog can't wait to see the staff and have play time with her fur friends. I highly recommend them.
Our girl use to suffer from anxiety around other dogs and people. LECA has worked miracles. Other than working through her 'issues' she also comes home exhausted and better trained at the end of the day.
We love the 'parent weekends' where they teach us as well for consistency at home with our active German Shepherd. Their fun extras truly make it feel like we are sending him to school. Highly recommended for any dog parent wanting training and fun.

Our client's (and their dogs') lives have been changed. Read what they have to say here.


Reasons To Join

Warning Signs

Destructive around the house? Barking? Pulling on the leash? Always demanding your attention? Afraid of people, dogs, or their environment? Don't feel confident taking your dog with you?

Continued Development

Dogs change throughout their life. They mature and their needs change. We provide a scientifically based curriculum and certified, professional trainers to support the dogs and help them thrive in any stage of their life, their maturity, and emotional/mental development.

Specialized And

Good At It

We only do one thing: Enrichment. We focus on one thing and doing an amazing job. If our services don't align with what the dog needs, we have a great network of local professionals that we can pair you with.


Reasons To Stay

Training that Lasts

 Our approach is based on the scientifically proven learning theory called Social Cognitive Theory. We build confidence, trust, and leverage engagement to increase the effectiveness of the training.

Learning is a Lifestyle

We provide ongoing support with regular progress updates, training libraries, tips, classes, and 1-on-1 sessions. Dogs change, home environments change, we change. Our goal is to ensure all the work we do can be generalized into the home and all the training is valuable to the dog and the owner.

Work with Professionals

The majority of dog walkers and daycare employees are not qualified or properly trained to understand and handle dogs. We invest into our certified trainer's development through master trainer classes in sports, behavior modification, and protection.

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Curious? Book an Assessment and check us out.

Assessment is a FREE, private consultation with one of our trainers.

The goals of the Assessment are:

  • Give you practical and actionable advice to improve life at home,

  • To meet your dog and ensure our program is appropriate, and

  • Provide you information about our academy.

Each Assessment lasts 30 - 45 minutes.

We're located in Woodland Park, NJ

86 Lackawanna Ave, Suite 305

Woodland Park, NJ 07424


Monday - Friday

7:30AM - 7:30PM


(877) 381 LECA