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We offer memberships for those interested in our Learn & Play program and our grooming services


We are focused on success, not services.

We don't believe in upsells,  nickel and diming, or add-ons.

LECA members take advantage of every service, every visit to unleash their full potential.


Our programs focus on your dog's needs and brings you along on their individual journey. We utilize all of our services to transform your dog to provide a true dog-centric approach.

Learn & Play Club

Our passionate and professional trainers utilize all tools at our disposal to customize a personalized lesson plan to help your dog thrive. 

Our 13,000 square foot facility is designed to address their training needs while having fun and building a positive training foundation.

Each dog is treated as an individual and our staff partners with owners through progress reports, take-home lesson plans, and owner clinics to bring a holistic, dog-centric approach to training and wellness.

German Shepherd dog playing with a treat puzzle
A brown dog playing with a snuffle mat to find treats during training and enrichment
A Golden Retriever dog playing in a blue swimming pool
A tan chihuahua looking up in a red agility tunnel during training class

Groom & Style Club

We do not believe in upsells or separate services. Your dog takes advantage of every amenity and offering in our salon. Every needed service is included, every time. Each month, we include a maintenance / up-keep session each month to make sure your dog is always presentable.

Our grooming staff partners with our certified trainers to ensure a stress and injury-free experience for your dog.

Our onboarding process ensures your dog is well-adjusted and comfortable with all aspects of the grooming experience.

Black tri-color Australian Shepherd dog smiling with its tongue out at training
A yellow lab sitting up with its tongue out


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