We are a membership based business. Here are some frequently asked questions about our pricing.


Can I cancel?

Anytime. We understand that life happens. You will receive a prorated adjustment.


Will my missed sessions carry over?

You can use any missed sessions within the same membership month. Unused sessions will not be carried over to a different membership month. All reservations are subject to availability.


How many sessions are included in the Self-Paced tier?

None. This level of membership gives you the flexibility to bring our dog less often, receive our training tips, attend clinics and events, and other benefits. All sessions will incur the add-on pricing in this tier. Subscription for this tier of membership must be approved by LECA management.


What happens if you go on vacation?

Please let us know and we can pause your subscription or provide a prorated adjustment. You can not pause the Self-Paced subscription. Periods of less than one week (5 business days) are not eligible for pauses or adjustments.


Can I start, stop, or change plans mid-month?

Absolutely. We don’t intend to hold you or your money hostage. If you cancel or change your subscription level mid-month, we will make a prorated adjustment.


How are adjustments calculated?

Prorated adjustments are based on the number of business days the facility is open during that month. For example, if there are 20 working days in a month and you miss 5 of those days, the invoice will be adjusted by 25%.


What does the membership include?

Monthly private training sessions, virtual Q&A, specialty clinics and events, a personalized photo and album with training, play-time, and holiday photos, open agility, invitation to our member-only community, and access to our training library and content.


What is Open Agility?

Use our agility center to practice using our obstacles, including jumps, tunnels, tires, weave poles, dog walk, teeter and more. There is no instruction during open agility. Subject to availability.


What are Family Photoshoots?

Let us take a picture of you, your family, and your pets. Our photographer has a huge selection of seasonal backdrops to give you and your family a memory to smile about for years to come.


What makes a bath easy or difficult?

Dogs whose bath takes approximately an hour or less are considered easy. Dogs that require additional time due to temperament, condition of their fur/hair, or any other reason are categorized as difficult.


How does the Sibling Discount work?

The discount is applied to each additional sibling, not including the first dog to enroll. Please contact us if you’re planning to enroll more than three (3) dogs. For Self-Paced tier, only one membership fee is charged per family.


How does the Pay-By-Quarter discount work?

Ready to commit? Get a 5% discount when you pay for 3 months.


How does the Pay-Bi-Weekly surcharge work?

If a monthly payment is too much, we can split the invoice to be paid in two installments. There is a 5% surcharge for splitting the payment.