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Dog Training That Works. Try Our School For Only $150

It Only Takes 2 Weeks To Make Real, Lasting Progress
With Our Unique Dog Training Program.

Schedule An Assessment Visit and See If Your Dog Is A Fit.

Enrollment Includes Drop-Offs, Classes, And Private Training.

 ** Summer Enrollment Is Limited.

Schedule Your Free, No Obligation,
Consultation and Tour To Get Started

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Designed For Dogs


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How we structure our days

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1/ Today, dog owners don't have the time or the skills to train and handle their dog.


2/ Many dogs don't

get enough attention or training and 

develop behavioral problems.


4/ At LECA, dogs spend their days with our professional trainers and owners get unlimited professional help and support.

3/ Our program was developed by canine behavior researchers and validated by dog trainers, veterinarians, and happy pooches.


5/ The result? A thriving dog and a capable, confident owner.

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Day School

Our school is centered around your family, your dog, and wherever you are in your training journey. ​

Whether you're a first time pet parent, dealing with bad manners or a behavioral challenge, need to improve your dog's confidence, or just looking to challenge your dog through advanced obedience and sports, our professional staff will help you achieve your goals.


LECA is a socialization, training, and enrichment club for dogs. Each visit includes socialization, training, play, and sports. Our trainers work with each dog to learn good manners, new skills, and play fun games. We improve confidence, socialize, and develop a foundation for a happy life at home.​

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