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Dog Training That Works.

Let us do the heavy lifting (training).​ Our boot camps are designed for dogs and owners that need extra help.

LECA Boot Camps help with rehabilitation, behavior modification, and obedience training. Our program, curriculum, and training protocols were designed (and scientifically validated) to be effective, lasting, and gentle.

Let us give you and your dog the skills to confidently navigate life together.

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Puppy Boot Camp (under 6 months)


  • At-home, in-person training.

  • Group Class Enrollment.

  • Unlimited Playtime at our Puppy Socials.

  • Training Journal, Training Guides, and in-depth Lesson Plans.

Options and Cost:

Standard - $985 (Most Popular)Includes 3 at-home visits.

Intensive - $1285. Includes 6 at-home visits. Designed for puppies with severe behavioral challenges, such as resource guarding, aggression, severe anxiety.


Payment Details:

  1. 30% before the initial at home consultation.

  2. 20% before the group class starts.

  3. 50% at half-way through the program (3 weeks)

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Schedule Free, No Commitment
Assessment and Consultation

Dog training isn't rocket science. But it's easy.

Despite a growing dog training industry, majority of dogs still struggle.


Stress, Fear, Anxiety


Puppy Behaviors


Greeting Manners


Resource Guarding


Reactivity, Barking


Impulse Control


General Obedience


Grooming Anxiety

Most owners and programs fail to achieve goals.

  1. Dogs struggle with change - It takes time to become comfortable and confident with new people, new environments, and new distractions. Traditional training does not allow enough time to develop confidence in multiple environments and the training happens in an environment that the dog will never return to. 

  2. A few weeks is not enough - Addressing behavioral problems and generalizing learning takes longer than a few of weeks. It may be enough to learn a few tricks, but not enough to establish lifelong habits. Without consistency and reinforcement, dogs revert to their original behaviors.

  3. Lack of owner participation - When owners do not participate in building up the "training goodwill", trainers resort to prongs, e-collars, and other questionable methods. The equipment becomes the trigger for manners and obedience, rather than proper training.

The LECA  program and curriculum support your growth as a handler and trainer as we make progress with your dog. 

We do the work, put in the time, the repetitions, and provide consistency.

LECA Boot Camps

Our Boot Camps are designed for owners that lack the time, support, and safe opportunities to train their dogs.

The LECA curriculum has been scientifically validated to be more effective for dogs and families.​ We'll save you time, money, and months of frustration.

Your dog will learn proper manners and basic obedience. We will address unwanted jumping, excessive barking, aggression, walking without pulling, and other inappropriate behaviors. Our goal is to make your dog love obedience training.


You will gain effective knowledge and practice to handle your dog at home and in most environments. You will learn to use markers to establish an effective communication pattern with your dog and master the skills to have the perfect dog at home. 


Our boot camps are a shortcut to a confident, well behaved, family dog. 

Read our Introduction To Dog Training and Social Cognitive Theory eBooks to learn more about our training styles and philosophy. 

How it works and what to expect

Puppy Boot Camps

  1. Once enrolled, a LECA certified trainer will come to your home for an at-home evaluation and the first training session. During this session, you will set fair and realistic goals for you and your dog, establish the training plan, and plan out routines and skills exercises you and your dog will need to achieve your goals.

  2. When the puppy begins to attend our group class and puppy socialization, our training team will help you maintain your training journal and achieve your training goals.

  3. Schedule your at-home training sessions. At home sessions are ideal for generalizing behaviors learned during the week with our training team and in group classes.

  4. Plan to bring your puppy for our mid-week puppy socials. These are great ways to build confidence, develop bite moderation and to get your puppy tired!

Upon Completion

  1. A trainer will come to your home for a final training session.

  2. You continue to have access for 4 weeks of unlimited 1-on-1 private training sessions at our facility.

  3. Customers that successfully complete our program, get lifetime, unlimited access to our group classes and pup-ups. (limited to the dog that went through the program.)

  4. Access our exclusive community and get support in our dedicated Facebook group.

Gentle. Effective. Lasting. Dog Training That Works.

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