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At LECA Your dog's every day is filled with games, field work, hikes, play time, and learning.

Tired dogs is what we do.

About LECA:

LECA is a structured enrichment program for family dogs. Our daily, four-hour sessions are led by certified trainers and professional handlers to provide family dogs with exercise, socialization, training, and enrichment in small groups.


Our daily activities include play time, obedience training and behavior modification, agility, nose work, field work, parkour, brain games, and others. LECA is not a drop in day care or a specialized training program. Our mission is to enrich a dog's life through activities and play.

Our Program Schedule

Typical School Day

  • Group Walk

  • Social Play Time

  • Obedience Training and Reinforcement

  • Advanced Training

  • Enrichment

  • Brain Games

  • Group Training

  • Wrap-up

At Home, 

Your Dog Will Be...

More tired and calm

 Less distracted and more confident

More social and engaged

Look to you more for cues

Specially trained people who absolutely love what they do

LECA's trainers implement the learning plan and work with each dog to ensure they master the material. All instructors have traditional dog training certifications, such as IABC and CCPDT, as are specifically trained for over 200 hours in our curriculum and our approach to working with dogs.

Our trainers foster a supportive, engaging, playful environment that helps dogs thrive and learn!

What is expected of the owner

We realize your lives are full, so the LECA curriculum is designed to rely on our trainers to do the heavy lifting. However, dogs are living creatures and context matters.  Owners that follow along and attend weekend clinics see drastically better results than those that are less involved. 


We offer follow-along plans that are designed to be easy and fun and are supported with instructions and assessments.

Additionally, weekend group clinics are encouraged for owners to work with our trainers in a group session. 

To get started, register for a FREE session. This is a great opportunity for your dog to meet our trainers, introduce you to our program, and speak with other program participants.

Designed to enrich the lives of family dogs through daily training, exercise, and playtime.