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Is Your Dog Living Their Best Life?

  Many owners don’t have the time or the skills.  

How would your dog’s life change if they spent their days with a professional dog trainer?

How would your life change if you had unlimited access to a dog trainer and group classes?


Dogs spend their days with our professional dog trainers, working, playing, learning, exploring, and socializing and owners get unlimited in-person help and support.

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Try Our School for ONLY $150

Includes 5 school visits and a 30 min private session!

Schedule Your Free, No Obligation, Consultation and Tour To Get Started

In A Nutshell


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1/ Today, dog owners don't have the time or the skills to train and handle their dog.

Destructive Behaviors

2/ Many dogs don't

get enough attention or training and 

develop behavioral problems.

Leads To
Our Trainers

4/ At LECA, dogs spend their days with our professional trainers and owners get unlimited in-person help and support.

3/ Our program was developed by canine behavior researchers and validated by dog trainers, veterinarians, and happy pooches.

Leads To
Super Dog

5/ The result? A thriving dog and a capable, confident owner.

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Leads To
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Designed For Dogs

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How we structure our days


Keeping Dogs and Owners Happy


Prioritize Members, Not Services

We do not believe in one-time
services, add-ons, or upsells. Every day at school includes time to play, learn, think, problem solve, win, and engage. Owners get access to all our services, including private and group training.


Positive Training

Professional,  capable trainers that can address, manage, and help deal with challenging behaviors. We use positive reinforcement and deepen the partnership between the dog and their family.


Professional, Passionate Staff

​Dogs are under constant supervision by trainers and handlers they love. Every staff member goes through a rigorous training program, designed specifically for LECA.


Individualized Journey

Dogs thrive when work with someone they know and trust. Someone that knows what games to play and which ear to scratch. We work with dogs in all stages of their development and maturity. Our goal is to provide each dog structure, individual attention, and a job.


Always Learning

Training objectives and goals are
constantly updated as the dog changes, improves, and matures. Owners learn how to manage their dog and become capable, confident handlers.


Amazing Facility

Our facility has over 13,000 square feet of space for your dog to learn, play, run, and grow, including: 5 Training Stations, 3 Indoor and 1 Outdoor Playgroups, and 4,000+ square foot agility center.


One Price. No Service Add-Ons. No Surprise Uncharges.

Still not sure? Consider this...







Impulse Control


Stress, Fear or Anxiety

Dogs need more engagement and interaction than most modern families are able to provide. Further, most owners are not competent dog handlers and struggle to manage their dogs.


When not provided an appropriate outlet or sufficient engagement, dogs develop problem behaviors - stress, fear, and anxiety, lack of impulse control, destructive behaviors at home, pulling, barking, or freaking out on leash, poor obedience and lack of engagement with the owner, and many more.

Daycares, Sitters, Walkers, and Board&Train services do not provide enough individual attention to each dog and their owners and paying a professional dog trainer to spend enough time with your dog and you is too expensive.

Dog Training

Whether you're a first time pet parent, dealing with bad manners or a behavioral challenge, need to improve your dog's confidence, or just looking to challenge your dog through advanced obedience and sports, our professional staff will help you achieve your goals.


Join the 1,000’s of dogs (and their families) who are living up to their potential.

The journey begins with a free, no obligation consultation and facility tour. This 30 - 45 minute in-person meeting, includes a consultation with one of our trainers who can help you get started even if you choose not to enroll.

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Try Our School for ONLY $150

Includes 5 school visits and a 30 min private session!

Schedule Your Free, No Obligation,
Consultation and Tour To Get Started

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