Our 6-week courses are the best way to get your pup, and your household, on the right track.

Work with our professional trainers alongside other owners to learn to train your puppy with the following group classes:

  • Puppy Kindergarten - For puppies 10 - 16 weeks of age.

  • Puppy School - For puppies 16 - 20 weeks of age.

  • Basic Obedience - For dogs over 6 months of age.

Get professional, personalized guidance to learn the basics of dog handling and have some fun with your pup.

Topics include:

  •  Trust and Relationship Building

  • Communication

  • Socialization

  • Basic Obedience

  • Crate Training

  • Impulse Control

  • Greetings

  • Household behaviors

  • Leash manners 


Our trainers are AKC CGC evaluators and are taught science-based training principles that reward appropriate behaviors instead of punishing negative ones.


  • Classes is limited to 10 dogs.

  • All dogs must have age appropriate vaccinations to participate. 

  • Classes will meet for 1 hour each week for 6 weeks. 

  • New Social distancing protocols will be implemented to ensure safety of our employees and our clients from COVID-19. Face masks are required and must be worn by all, at all times. Social Distancing 6 feet from/between trainer and other students.

  • The class fee is non-refundable, non-transferable and there are no make-up classes.


Positive & Practical

We believe in the power of learning and positive training. We employ techniques meant to build trust and support your dog’s physical, social and mental health.

We follow the guidelines provided by the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants and American College of Veterinary Behaviorists (link-1 and link-2) guidelines for engaging with dogs.

The use of Social Cognitive Theory (SCT) requires a strong and positive relationship between human and dog. Any aggressive responses or punishments significantly impede our objectives and mission.


Older than 6 months?

Your pooch may be ready for our Enrichment Program. It is uniquely designed to engage family dogs in small groups. Our daily activities include play time, obedience training and behavior modification, agility, nose work, field work, brain games, and socialization. 

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