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A husky dog playing with a training toy
LECA's logo for Lifelong Enrichment for Companion Animals

Daycare. Training. Sports. Grooming. Socialization. Play.

Want a happy, healthy, well-behaved dog?

Let our passionate, professional training and grooming team support you with training, exercising, playing, and keeping your dog clean and healthy.

Our mission is help dogs thrive. We help dogs overcome stress, build confidence, socialize, and develop a strong foundation for manners, hygiene, obedience, and sports.

You don't have to compromise. No add-ons, no unexpected fees or charges.

Find the membership that best suits your purpose.

A black dog having fun training with a dog trainer

Learn & Play

Learn & Play Club is a socialization, training, and enrichment club for dogs. Our trainers work with each dog to develop confidence, establish good manners, learn new skills, and play fun games. Learn & Play Club members get access to all our services: daycare, training, enrichment, group classes, private training, pup-ups, and more.

Groom & Style

Groom & Style Club is a dog-centric grooming service. We invest as much time and as many sessions as each dog needs to get cleaned or styled without any stress, fear, or injuries. Our groomers are trained and paired with our training team to make every dog comfortable with the process and the equipment.

Two groomed dogs smiling after enjoying grooming



Try Learn & Play this summer

for ONLY $150!

Includes assessment + first FIVE sessions!

What sets LECA apart from other dog services?

Prioritize Members, Not Services

Our goal is to help each dog thrive. We use every service and tool in our toolkit to get the job done. We do not believe in  one-time services, add-ons, or upsells.


We use positive reinforcement and deepen the partnership with you, as their owner

Professional, Passionate Staff

Our staff is committed to their careers in dog training. Every member of our team goes through a rigorous training program, designed specifically for LECA.

Individualized Journey

Every dog is an individual. We work with dogs in all stages of their development and maturity.


We provide a learning path for both dogs and their owners. Our training objectives and goals are constantly updated as the dog changes, improves, and matures.


Over 13,000 square feet of space for your dog to learn, play, run, and grow.  

"I can't say enough about LECA...they are awesome!
The entire staff is professional and treat the dogs like their own. The trainers work with the dogs and their owners. My dog can't wait to see the staff and have play time with her fur-friends. I highly recommend them."
-Giovanna I.

Our Mission: Help Dogs Thrive.
Hear From Our Founder

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