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LECA Enrichment Survey and White Paper

The experts agree - Enrichment is critical to the well-being of dogs, unfortunately, most dogs don't get sufficient physical, cognitive, and social engagement.

LECA surveyed thousands of veterinarians and dog trainers, and they overwhelming

agreed that enrichment is fundamental to the wellbeing of pets. The professionals

surveyed also acknowledged that dog walkers and daycare centers are not equipped to

provide a sufficient level of stimulation for dogs. Enrichment is a critical aspect of an

animal’s quality of life unfortunately, the survey shows, most pets do not get

the level of activity, engagement, and stimulation that they need.

Many well-meaning owners enroll their pets in dog walking or doggy daycare programs,

but experts and academic research agree that this is NOT enough. Majority of our pets

lead sedentary lifestyles. The lack of mobility and lack of healthy outlets for their energy

and instincts can predispose pets to behavior problems, weight problems, and other

health issues.


1. A daily enrichment and training routine is recommended for most dogs.

99.5% AGREE.

2. A daily enrichment or training routine in addition to walking and play is an important developmental activity for working breeds.

99.5% AGREE.

3. Dog walkers and daycare centers do NOT provide a high level of physical and and mental stimulation for working breeds.

72.8% AGREE.

4. For the majority of dogs, training that combines individual and group work is more effective than using one technique alone.

89.6% AGREE.

5. Most dog walkers and kennel assistants are NOT properly trained and qualified to handle dogs.

92.1% AGREE.

Download the full report here.

LECA Enrichment Survey 2020
Download PDF • 345KB


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