Back Up

Back Up

STEP 1 - Choose a target, this will be something the dog places his/her rear feet on. It should be easy for dog to tell when on target - different texture and/or an inch or so off ground

STEP 2 - Use lure to get dog's rear feet on target - stand right in front of dog

STEP 3 - M/T dog several times while feet are on target - reward by dropping treat on ground between your feet

STEP 4 - Pause. When dog looks up at you immediately mark and reward by dropping the treat between your feet - you must be fast here or the dog is likely to sit!

STEP 5 - Take a tiny step backwards - an inch or two - continue to M/T when dog looks at you and keeps feet on platform. If feet come up, step closer to dog again

STEP 6 - Continue to take tiny (an inch or less) steps backward and drop treats between feet. Eventually, dog will have to step off platform to get treat. When weight rocks back again after eating treat, dog is likely to step back on platform, M/T as soon as dog's foot touches platform

STEP 7 - Continue to gradually increase distance. If dog turns around at any point or otherwise isn't putting rear feet back on target, decrease distance again

STEP 8 - Add cue when behavior very consistent and confident and dog is backing up at least a couple feet.

STEP 9 - Fade platform over time.