Dog-on-Dog Introductions

Introductions and Off Leash Play

STEP 1 - When dogs are on leash, bring one dog around to other dogs, keeping it at a safe distance and outside the critical space.

STEP 2 - Reward on a CSOR the relax behavior for one minute. Take a step forward only if you were able to reinforce previous behaviors. Reward. Repeat the systematic desensitisation until you reach the critical space threshold, but do not cross. Dogs should be nose-to-nose, but unable to make direct contact.

STEP 3 - Repeat process with all dogs and determine which sub-groups of dogs are more compatible. Provide sufficient breaks to not stress dogs or require them to be in one place for an extended period of time.

STEP 4 - Select the dogs that demonstrate the greatest social ease toward one another and allow them to interact, still on-leash. CSOR for proper social behavior.

STEP 5 - Once comfortable with dogs’ interactions, take 2 dogs at a time to a fenced area for off-leash play.

STEP 6 - Add one dog for a 3-pack play session.