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Drop It

Drop It

Using Tug: Grab a designated tug toy and give the dog their start word to initiate the game. Once the dog has a good hold on the tug toy, say "Drop it" only once and immediately stop playing. Keep a hold on the toy, and bring your arms in close so the game of tug isn't very exciting or fun for the dog. The dog might still be trying to tug on it, but you're no longer a part of the game.

Wait until the dog gets bored of just holding onto the toy and releases the toy from their mouth.

Once they've let go of the toy, you want to reward them right away with excited praise and then more play! Give them the start word and either toss them the toy or get right back into playing tug.

Repeat, repeat, repeat! You should see the dog begin to respond more quickly to the Drop It cue.

Using Treats: Grab a few yummy dog training treats. You'll want to practice this cue with appropriate items that the dog already holds in their mouth, such as their stuffed toys, or a chew.

When the dog is holding a toy or chew in their mouth, put a treat right in front of their nose.

When the dog drops the item, praise and give the treat as a reward.

Offer the dog the toy or chew that they just dropped. This way they learn that dropping something when asked doesn't mean that they lose it altogether.

After the dog has dropped their toy a few times in a row, you're ready to add the verbal cue. Now when the dog is holding the item in their mouth, say the cue “Drop It.”

Then, present your hand with the treat. Praise when they drop the toy and treat. Repeat until the dog drops the toy on verbal cue only.

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