Polite Greetings

Polite Greetings

  1. Minimize the likelihood of jumping

  2. Put the dog on leash and ask the dog to sit in the presence of a person

  3. Once the dog sits, cue the dog to say hello

  4. Allow to greet for 1 - 2 seconds, then call back and reinforce with food - before the dog jumps on the person

  5. **If the dog jumps, immediately

  6. Allow the dog time to settle before allowing them to greet - this may take 15 minutes or more!

  7. Step into the dog and person as soon as the dog approaches the person and immediately feed the dog just below chin level for keeping all 4 feet on the floor.

  8. Next steps (can be done in varying order depending on your priorities)

  9. Add an additional dog (may require returning to step 1)

  10. Reduce the use of food gradually 100% -> 75% -> 66% -> 50%, etc.

  11. Gradually increase the length of time the dog is allowed to great before calling away

  12. Gradually increase the energy level of the person the dog is greeting

  13. Leash

  14. Drop the leash

  15. Remove the leash