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Getting a new dog? Use our guide to help you get started.

The complete guide (available below) includes questions to ask, how to get your house ready, the initial meeting and evaluation, and bringing the dog home.

Consider the following to ensure you and your new best friend are a perfect match.

  • Breed - Each dog is unique, but there are some common traits across breeds that can make them more or less comfortable in a particular environment. Don’t get a working breed dog, like a shepherd or a pointer if you have a difficult time with physical activities. And, don’t get an Alaskan sled dog if you live in a small apartment in New Jersey.

  • Lifestyle - Do you like being active? Do you have a yard? Do you have kids? Do you work from home? Are you home on the weekends? Do you travel a lot? What kind of financial and time commitment are you willing to make?

  • Expertise - Do you have any prior experience with dogs? Are you able to handle a more challenging temperament?

  • Consider your Intent - Are you getting a dog to lounge on the couch with you or work a farm? Are you seeking a playmate for your kids, companion for your morning runs, or a partner for agility trials?

  • Source - You can get your dog at a shelter, a breeder, a friend, or a local posting or advertisement. Be very wary of unqualified breeders and other sources. Many dogs are treated so poorly that their temperament and health does not reflect their breed. Unless you’re looking for a working dog, we suggest you begin your search at a shelter.


Visit our facility for a free consultation and program tour

Download our complete guide for welcoming a new dog into you family. It includes: questions to ask, how to get your house ready, the initial meeting and evaluation, and bringing the dog home.

Click Here To Download Our Guide,

"Finding And Bringing Your New Best Friend"

We are an academy for dogs. Our enrichment-based curriculum combines enrichment and skill learning, training, and socialization. Our mission is to help dogs thrive.

Need some help getting your dog settled in? Book a consultation and check out our program.

Consultation is a FREE, private consultation with one of our trainers.

The goals of each Consultation are:

  • Give you practical and actionable advice to improve life at home,

  • To meet your dog and ensure our program is appropriate, and

  • Provide you information about our academy.

Each Appointment lasts 30 - 45 minutes.

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